UFO thing

In 1994 myself and a bunch of people I worked with drove around a curve in a freeway (5 AM, still dark) and drove right up to a massive, silent, triangular object. it was hovering above a grove of trees, just to the right of the southbound lanes of an interstate freeway! I just saw this thing, and, arrived to work on time. A couple of my co-workers didn’t see anything in the sky but lost 45 mins. of time and had flashbacks of what certainly sounded like an alien abduction – it’s a long, crazy story. This wasn’t likea lot of sighting I hear about – I was probably only 120-feet from the thing – which was huge – and I got a great look at it…..orange/red light on the bottom, puslating – completely silent….straight of a sci-fi movie.

Many years passed and that event haunted me. But I never saw another UFO. Then, about 5 years ago, I was living in a crowded residential area and awake at about 3 AM – just horsing around on the computer. I was home alone. I went to get a cup of coffee, in the kitchen, and there was a window above the coffee pot stand that looked out over my driveway and a vacant lot. I was pouring coffee an area around my house was suddenly bathed in the strangest blue light I have ever seen – I had a tooth bonded and they dried the porcelain with an infra-red, blue light. That’s the closest I have ever seen to it… I asked the dentist what the light was – he said “infrared”. And there were no shadows, and the light had a distinct stopping point that extended about 45-feet beyond my house. It was crazy. it went out after about 5 seconds and I thought, “wow – did I just see that…?” The minute it I had that thought it came on again. I have no idea why but I actually said, aloud, “You jokers” and thought this was something to do with a a UFO. I ram out the front door and it was out – not a car in either direction for two blocks. About 4 nights later, my wife was at home and she laid out on the couch to watch movies while I went to sleep in the bedroom. I had told here about the house being bathed in this crazy blue light. I woke up in the morning and my wife – little Mexican lady – came in the bedroom and said, “That blue light that you told me about – I call it laser blue, laser blue – it came on all around the house……”. I asked her if she went outside to see what it was and she said she was too scared. I asked her why she didn’t wake my up and she said she tried like hell to wake me up but I couldn’t be roused….. Are blue lights, like this (no shadows, etc.) associated with UFOs, as far as anyone knows? I know that’s what I thought it was, immediately, and I don’t know why….