iMail Notes

Okay – this isn’t much a page, at the moment. Anyway, users and domains can be backed up by simply exporting the IpSwitch registry key – the following batch file will do it automatically:



Two simple steps to stop SPAM

UPDATE: Between 10 AM and 11:45 AM 19 emails were processed and all but one were rejected using the following two SPAM blocking efforts (Blacklists and SPF lookups).
By adding blacklists and SPF checks you can cut down, significantly, on the amount of SPAM that makes it to your inbox. I’ve tested this, and, it works extremely well. First, add these blacklists as filters – you need to add them, first, under Localhost > Anti Spam and, then, in the same way for your IP-based host:


Now, add the SPF filter….like so:

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