Blue lights associated with UFOs

Two things about that blue light

Just trying to figure this shit out – I know you’re open to this stuff… I absolutely believe that I’ve never been abducted – but I think they can, for lack of a better explanation, “throw switches” in your DNA…something like that. Anyway….

Hey….. I was telling you about that blue light thing. Basically, I was living alone in Flint (my then wife had, essentially, moved to a house across the street) and at about 3 AM the area around my house (outdoors) was bathed in what I can only describe as ultra-violet, blue light. It was crazy looking – just like blue daylight…no shadows, etc. It came on for about 4 seconds and went out, and I thought, “Did I just see that….???”. I had been standing’ by a kitchen window, pouring a cup of coffee. The minute I had that thought – boom – “they” switched the thing back on. I ran out the front door of the house, which was only about 12 feet away, trying to catch ’em – I dunno why, but I had immediately associated this light with a UFO. By the time I hit the porch, it was off. So, next morning Maggie came over for coffee and I told her about it. About 5 days later she comes over and wants to use the VCR, which was fine. I went to bed in the bedroom, she watched a movie out in the living room and slept on the couch. The next AM, when I woke up, she comes in my room saying, “That blue light – I call it laser blue, laser blue – that light that you told me about came on, all around the house….”. I asked her if she went outside to see what the hell it was – she said she was too scared. Then I asked her why she didn’t wake me up. She said she tried, but I was out like a dead man – she said I couldn’t be stirred. I generally don’t sleep that hard – and I had no recall of her trying to wake me up.

Anyway, I was watching a crappy old UFO video which had a story about a British cop name Alan Godfrey. The poor bastard had a close-up encounter with a UFO and some really odd shit happened – the long and short of it is that he lost his job for talking about the deal. But in the video, there’s a recreation of an episode where he and his wife are lying in bed and there’s a weird sound (not a light) above the house – but she can’t wake his ass up. Reminded me of the deal with the blue light, me and Maggie, etc. Anyway, Maggie swore she tried like hell to wake me up, to no avail.



About a year ago I was listening to Coast to Coast, a radio program about paranormal stuff and UFOs. I had NEVER heard anyone talk about blue lights being associated with UFOs. They had some Canadien UFO researcher on the thing talking about abductions. The host asked him if, among 4 the “abductees” who he had studied closely, if there were any constants. Listen to this shit – I about crapped, brother:

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