Is every graphic designer on a mac

Is every graphic designer on a mac?

  1. Comment Author:  :KC
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    Hey people. I’ve got a
    question, is ever graphic designer here on Freelancer switch, using a mac for
    their work? and if yes, why did you choose, to work on a mac instead of a

    Well i was just tired of windows, crash downs etc. So i bought a
    Macbook pro 17”…

  2. Comment Author:  : RaelRode
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    A Mac isn’t a must-have tool if you
    want to be a graphic designer, it’s just a preferred tool. I hapen to beon
    Vista, even though it’s terrible I’m stuck with it until I get my yummy new
    MacBook in a few months.

  3. Comment Author:  : Anthony
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I’m curious about this as
    well…………I use both Windows and Ubuntu Linux. I’ve never had the
    pleasure of sitting in front of a Mac.

    What’s the advantage that comes
    with a Mac?

  4. Comment Author:  :RaelRode
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    Well, they’re gorgeous, no virus’
    and Microsoft is a pile of you know what, πŸ˜‰

  5. Comment Author:  : Byte Baker -Comment Time: Aug 9th 2007

    All of my school training for design
    was on a Mac, but my personal preference is still a PC. Why? Ironcially, the
    Macs we used froze and crashed all the time beyond all hope of recovering your
    work. I lost too much progress on school projects, but learned to love the
    option+s command every 5 minutes thanks to Macs. Today, I use a PC running
    Windows XP. I would never recommend Vista, and Mac is too costly now for me to
    try again. As for the difference between Macs and PCS for me? None. I couldn’t
    see the advantage of using Macs aside from everyone else uses them, and that
    seems to have changed in my area. I still use a custom built PC that has a
    “gorgeous” shell and upgrading is affordable and a breeze.

    If a free
    mac were to fall into my lap, along with all of my Adobe software for Mac
    instead of PC, I’d be tempted to try it again. But a $5,000+ switch isn’t in
    my future. But those new Modbooks would be very tempting if their screens were

  6. Comment Author: Ink
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    You know, really all this ‘macs are
    for designers’ is just bs in my opinion. I say that because if you actually
    look at the programs that designers use i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and
    so on – those are identical on both platforms, and really I’ve seen great
    designers on all – Linux, Mac, Windows, anything…

    Now I personally
    use a Mac, the reason being quite simple. The eye candy is to die for :). I
    really don’t care about viruses, spyware/adware/crapware etc — in the decade
    during which I used Windows before I switched to Mac not once have I had any
    of that crap – I mean it comes not from Windows, but rather from the user’s
    ignorance and/or just plain stupidity. I mean come on, when the user gets some
    spyware after he/she clicks on a big red button saying “ZOMG! YOU WON THE
    INTERNET” – how can you blame the OS for that…

    But to each his own…

  7. Comment Author: Lynne
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    A Mac doesn’t guarantee ‘no
    crashes’. I currently work on both Mac and PCs and in my experience have had
    more crashes on Macs. I prefer PCs because I can custom build them myself and
    get more bang for my buck. It took a while to learn, but building a PC is not
    hard, if you take the time to do some research, and if you’re lucky to have
    tech friends to give you recommendations, you can have a quality product.
    Since, I took the time to learn the ins and outs, when something goes wrong
    with my PC I have a easier time fixing it myself. When the Mac breaks… well,
    time to call customer service…

  8. Comment Author:  :apexweb
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I have both Macs and PCs, the G5
    imac is for Logic and testing sites, the MacMini is sat under the tv as a
    media centre and the PC’s are used for all the design and development. We use
    the PC’s for the design work as we only work with .net for web

  9. Comment Author:  : fantasycreative

    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I’ve had every mac under the sun and
    I’ve always gone back to working on a windows based PC. Why? Mac’s are
    fantastic and very strong software wise, but I was brought up around PC’s and
    it’s what I’m used to. I’m just called back to them every time. Not to mention
    upgrade costs are much cheaper.Fantasy Creative

  10. Comment Author:  : dimonay
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I’ve used both Mac and PC, but I was
    more used to PC using it most of my life. Yes Macs look nice and they don’t
    get viruses. But you know what? The only reason you get viruses on the PC is
    because you do something stupid which in turn gets you a virus. They’re both
    computers, it’s total preference, pick one. The software is all the same on
    either platform.

    But for me, ThinkPad all the way :).

  11. Comment Author:  :scottperezfox

    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    Most designers use Macs. The reason,
    I feel, is because the Mac computers and OS are built for, any by, creative
    professionals. It’s evident from the first time you use one, someone put in
    the time to think of the little things – that goes a long way with designers.
    Also, it’s what design schools teach, so we get used to it from a young age.

  12. Comment Author:  :Verne
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I think what it comes down to is
    industry standards – design institutions are teaching tomorrow’s designers to
    work on Macs, so on Macs they shall work! I personally use a PC equipped with
    Windows Vista. All Mac vs. PC debates aside (we all know that each side has
    their arguments), I don’t find that your choice of either will limit your
    ability to do the work you do.creative briefing | for the marketer,
    designer, and entrepreneur

  13. Comment Author: collis – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I use two computers – a Mac and a
    PC. I’ve been trying to switch over to the mac, but I just can’t do it πŸ™ I
    think theres a problem with my mouse on this mac. Generally though i agree
    with dimonay, it’s total preference, the softwares the same (barring the
    shortcuts of course πŸ™‚ … Collis – Eden

  14. Comment Author:  : dajovion
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I’ve found that Flash runs a lot
    slower on a Mac compared to a PC. That’s one of the big reasons why I stick
    with a PC. Even though macs have a nicer interface, I must admit that when
    working on a mac it feels cluttered because programs don’t have their own
    background to cover everything up. For example, when I’m in Photoshop I can
    still see my desktop clutter under the photoshop windows. Nasty.

    think Macs are really pretty, but that’s about it as far as creating/working
    with them. I’m tempted to get one to play with though. Pretty expensive

  15. Comment Author:  : Ryan Allen
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I’m a web application developer, and
    I use a Mac. Macs for me are reliable computers that allow me to work easily
    in a unix like environment (I work a lot in the shell). So it’s like Linux
    except it runs more mainstream programs, has a very vibrant ISV market (lots
    of great little companies are making really nice and inexpensive applications
    for OS X), and I don’t have to spend hours trying to configure things like DVD
    burning or audio drivers. Everything Just Works. And my mother can actually
    use it, which is a big plus (computers shouldn’t be hard to get simple stuff
    done – and Macs come out of the box with lots of useful things for people that
    aren’t tech savvy – compare this to any windows machine – they come almost
    completely useless out of the box).

    I think if you have a PC you just
    have really bad taste. OS X is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of virtually
    everything Microsoft Windows has to offer these days. Myths that macs are
    ‘really expensive’ are just simply not true anymore.

    But saying that…
    Flash does run like a bit of a dog on OS X, I think that it may be better in
    CS3 with the unified everything… But that is Adobe’s problem and not

  16. Comment Author:  : KyleTheGrenerd

    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    Windows. For two reasons, customer
    service (to pick up where Lynn left off)

    To elaborate some more, I love
    Macs and worked at a Mac Store. I love Powerbooks, I own one and will always
    keep one handy but I had a Mac meltdown in 03, with the MX / CS builds and
    Apple were the biggest, most unhelpful jerks on the planet. And I had the
    exact same problem with my iPod when it broke. And day after day at the Mac
    Store I would hear that from other people. The hoops that Apple makes you jump
    through just are not worth it.

    I did uninstall Vista oh my design
    notebook however. I design on a Sony with XP Pro.

  17. Comment Author:  :dimonay
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    If I have a PC I have bad taste? How


    Like Lynne said, if a PC breaks down, and you know
    enough about a PC, you can fix almost any issue by yourself.

    But if a
    Mac breaks down, and you know enough about a Mac, you can….replace the RAM
    and maybe the hard drive?

  18. Comment Author:  :travislopes
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I have been using a PC the whole
    time since I began in the world of web design + programming and currently
    saving up for a Mac mini. I find that the Mac is better than the PC because
    they have better apps on it like Coda. That would be very helpful in getting a
    lot of my projects done along with learning new languages. And it doesn’t get
    viruses easily, which is always a plus. (And it actually supports 16:10
    external monitors unlike my Dell laptop.)son of a wolf designs – just like a wolf, but
    less ferocious
    | coroflot

  19. Comment Author:  :germ
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I use a PC and would never dream of
    using a mac, I hate them!!

  20. Comment Author:  :pointwentyfive

    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I have used both PC’s and Macs in
    the past and as far as I see it they’re just tools. A way to accomplise a
    task. If I need to use a pen and paper I don’t get all fussy about the make of
    pen, as long as it creates a mark on the paper. I actually prefer to use a
    mac, but if I need to I’ll use a PC.

  21. Comment Author:  :Ryan Allen
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    Hehe dimonay – I don’t really mean
    that πŸ™‚ I actually really want one of those tiny Sony Vaio’s… But I need OS
    X for my work. But yeah the point about PC’s being easy to fix – I used to be
    the ‘fix it guy’ for freaking everyone I knew, and it really annoyed me that
    they couldn’t get simple stuff like DVD or CD burning done without needing to
    purchase additional software and it still being difficult, that’s all. Mac’s
    are really good for people who aren’t technical. But if you’re a web
    programmer (like me) who deploys to linux boxes (like me) Mac OS X is a
    fantastic hybrid of both popular commercial software offerings and *nix

  22. Comment Author:  :KyleTheGrenerd

    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    LOL @ Ryan How many of you folks are
    the default computer “fix it guy” for friends/family? Random calls from
    grandma wanting to know why her computer won’t work? “I hit a button and it
    beeps.” It seems like every week some long lost second cousin has a problem
    with their Windows 95 machine giving them some grief and he has “heard you
    know computers.” I sure do. I know yours is garbage. I know its time to
    recycle that thing and maybe think about buying a compy without vacuum tubes.

    A bit of a tangent I know but after I read Ryan’s post I
    immediately thought of this.

    P.S. I don’t have a tiny Vaio but I have
    15.4 one I wouldn’t trade it for the all Macs in Macville.

  23. Comment Author:  :dimonay
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    Haha Ryan, I know what you mean, I
    hate being the fix it guy.

    We all love each other here. πŸ˜€

  24. Comment Author:  :shafiucodes
    – Comment Time:Aug 9th 2007

    I belong to GNUM (Guys who Never
    Used A Mac) πŸ™‚
    All the work, i have done, is from Window$ or Linux.myselfWeb design/devblog. Shafiu is a Web Developer / Designer
    with 7 years of experience.

  25. Comment Author:  :ryannj
    – Comment Time:Aug 10th 2007

    I’m so excited that this site isn’t
    dominated by annoying Mac fanboys (or girls). I don’t have anything against
    Macs, just Mac users…they’re so “holier than thou” it’s irritating.

    I use XP. In fact, I don’t even use Adobe to design (due to
    budget…not choice). I’m currently using Ulead’s PhotoImpact 12. I’ve been
    able to do almost everything Photoshop and Illustrator can do and my files are
    totally compatible with Adobe products. I like the affordability of a PC and
    don’t see “a sexy case” as a real benefit. Add enough RAM to your PC and you
    can glide along nicely.

  26. Comment Author:  :jameslytle
    – Comment Time:Aug 10th 2007

    My basic argument for sticking with
    Mac relates to the extra money you spend is way less than the time equivalent
    you spend staying virus free on a pc 6 months down the road, way worth the
    many decent programs mac developers write and offer free of charge, the host
    of cross program integrations, and quality Apple software programs and
    computers that updated and sold at the same predictable cost.

    how my reasoning has nothing to do with the fact that the Mac OS is way more
    ergonomic and generally cheerful πŸ™‚What is your story?

  27. Comment Author:  :ryannj
    – Comment Time:Aug 10th 2007

    I’ve been on XP for about 3.5 years
    and haven’t once gotten a virus, spyware, or blue-screen of death. Just
    thought I’d add that.

  28. Comment Author:  :KyleTheGrenerd

    – Comment Time:Aug 10th 2007

    @ ryannj agreed. i haven’t had a
    single blue screen / virus. I keep McAfee up to date and things go smooth.

    However, 2 of the 3 powerbooks I have owned regularly gave me the
    #$%!ing “sad Mac” face…

  29. Comment Author:  :tealou
    – Comment Time:Aug 10th 2007

    I think that the main reason why
    designers use Macs is because the design schools and universities all use Mac

    I am a Windows girl, currently running Vista and CS3 on an Athlon
    5600+ and my machine does a great job. But I have the knowledge to maintain
    and fix any problems as I need to.

    I think Macs also appeal to
    designers because a) they look great and b) the old “it just works” slogan —
    I do think that Windows machines require more frequent hardware upgrades and a
    user who is more willing to get into the “tech” aspects than your average Mac

    It also boils down to price for me. I can get a comparable PC for
    1/3 of the price of a G5, because I am able to build the machine

    I think both have their strengths and weaknesses and depending
    on the type of user you are, go for the one that suits. I am a tinkerer so I
    love my PC. but I can quite happily work on a Mac as well.

    But hey, as
    long as they have the Creative Suite, its all secondary really :)LinkArtist
    | Facebook

  30. Comment Author:  :teqmock5
    – Comment Time:Aug 10th 2007

    I’m on a PC purely because it was
    free. I’ve had it for a while. I havnt been able to use OS X for more than the
    half hour i usually spend drooling over it at the apple store. I have
    Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign CS3. Since I havnt spent
    enough time on a mac to see if its really as stable as they say, which i
    highly doubt, I’m not going to go spend 2000 bucks on a macbook pro.

    Also, to (hopefully) settle the PC/Virus argument, its definitely not
    “easy” to get a virus if your not a complete idiot. I’ve been running the same
    install of XP for about a year and a half, (i reinstall it when it gets
    slowish), and I havnt had a single substantial virus in that whole time. I
    would think, being designers and all, that most people have spent enough time
    around computers to know not to click the free macbook popups…

    I dont pay for my antivirus stuff… i use AVG Free. Works great. Runs and
    updates every day at 4 am. and for spyware… i use windows defender.

  31. Comment Author:  :the_waterostrich

    – Comment Time:Aug 10th 2007

    I prefer working on a Mac as
    oppossed to my PC for a couple of reasons.

    1) The display on the Mac is
    far greater than the one I use on my custum built PC (granted I could invest
    in a higher quality display, but why bother? The iMac pacakges it all in one
    sleek option.)

    2) Mac is better designed than many PC’s (I personally
    enjoy the AlienWare designs.) I’m a designer, shouldn’t everything I use be of
    some high caliber of design?

    3) Macs are far more versatile than PC’s,
    and now with the new Fusion software the versatility is that much more

    4) Most importantly, Macs are far more intuitive than Windows

  32. Comment Author:  :epicstudios
    – Comment Time:Aug 11th 2007

    The thing that I love about my Mac,
    more than anything else, is that it simplifies my life.

    A computer is a means to an end, and not the end itself. I want
    something that will allow me to focus on getting things done. No worries about
    viruses, random crashes, registry corruption, .dll files, ect. Been using a
    Mac for over 4 years. It’s been connected to the internet 24/7. I’ve never had
    to install Ò€œantiÒ€ anything software. It just works.

    simplifies my life. That’s my 2 cents.

  33. Comment Author:  :velixir
    – Comment Time:Aug 11th 2007

    I love macs. But I work on PC
    A couple reasons why:
    1) A PC costs less.
    2) As a web
    designer, most of my clients are on windows.
    Ultimately, I would like to
    use a mac for design, and still keep my PC for random stuff (like browser

  34. Comment Author:  :nhurtley
    – Comment Time:Aug 12th 2007

    When it comes down to brass tax,
    it’s about the operating system. I prefer MacOS X and Ubuntu Linux to Windows

  35. Comment Author:  :borninchaos
    – Comment Time:Aug 12th 2007

    Well, I’m a web developer and I use
    Linux ( debian ). Just the Window$ and Mac can’t offer me that stability,
    customization tricks and my system runs deadly fast. I can do everything that
    you guys pay for. Except one. I don’t have Photoshop, so I think for graphic
    designers the Mac is the perfect choice.

  36. Comment Author:  :knedl
    – Comment Time:Aug 12th 2007

    I didn’t use a mac when I started
    with graphics, but through the years I realized I needed something better,
    something that wouldn’t crash every time I opened more than 5 applications, so
    I decided to go for the mac, and in that time progress is amazing, I’m getting
    more work done faster, not because the mac is so great (even though it is)
    it’s because I feel more secure and confident when using it, so I work a lot
    more often when I did on a PC.

  37. Comment Author:  :KC
    – Comment Time:Aug 12th 2007

    Not to mention, all the great
    software you can get on a mac, and its cheap or free, and such programs can’t
    you get on a pc. Like Journier, MacFreelance and so on.. You don’t have to
    borther with software on a mac, i can remember when i was on windows, yea you
    could find a great software, but you allways needed to pay for it, or it
    wasen’t what you really needed..

    So the only thin i can say, mac helps
    you to get things done, when you NEED it.. πŸ™‚

  38. Comment Author:  :Ryan Allen
    – Comment Time:Aug 13th 2007

    @velixr: you can run Parellels
    (virtualisation) nowadays on intel Mac’s for testing – it’s how we do it for
    sites like FlashDen
    @nhurtly: right on πŸ™‚ software is the most important
    aspect for end users

    If I wasn’t on Mac OS X I’d be running kubuntu
    prolly. And I’d never host a web app on anything other than *nix, in
    particular I wouldn’t use Mac OS X to run a web server as it’s too heavy.
    Feisty Fawn all the way!

  39. Comment Author:  :tealou
    – Comment Time:Aug 13th 2007

    On that, has anyone found a way to
    reliably run the Creative Suite on Linux?

    The only reason I haven’t
    fully dived in is because I am dependent on the Adobe CS.

  40. Comment Author:  :dimonay
    – Comment Time:Aug 13th 2007

    KC, you have to pay a considerable
    amount of money for Adobe products regardless if it’s for PC or Mac. And
    considering this is a thread about graphic designers, you’re gonna wanna use
    Adobe software.

    So unless your pirate your software, you can’t really
    say the software for Mac is that much greater than Windows.

    But little
    invoicing software does help.

    And if anyone finds out how to run
    Creative Suite on Linux like tealou said, then I’m going to go full-on Linux.
    That’s the only reason I still have windows installed.

    Compiz-fusion stuff is just dead sexy.

  41. Comment Author:  :fantomas
    – Comment Time:Aug 13th 2007

    Don’t want to go off-topic, but
    where do i get a good deal on Adobe Photoshop for Mac? Version 7, 8, 9, 10 ..
    i don’t care.. Everything starting from version 7 is fine by me. I just don’t
    want to shell out more than $500 for it. I am not a designer in general, so i
    would like to have it as cheap as possible.

    PS: I tried Gimp,
    Fireworks, CorelPaint, Paintshop etc.. they are no match.

  42. Comment Author:  :merlik
    – Comment Time:Aug 13th 2007

    I personally prefer Mac just because
    of all the small companies that design really great niche programs that are
    cheap. And it’s all so pretty. There are a lot of great small Windows programs
    out there as well, but from what I have seen they just don’t look as nice. I
    really enjoy the eye-candy and I think Windows is headed in a good direction
    with Vista.

    I also really like the Mac hardware, it just seems more
    solidly built than most of the Windows boxes I have had.

  43. Comment Author:  :Jensie
    – Comment Time:Aug 13th 2007

    I’m getting a iMac at the end of
    this calender year, because I think a Mac is capable to run graphic software
    more efficient. Only too bad for the new iMac that just came out.

    has a glossy screen, so the colours are a bit blown up from the real

  44. Comment Author:  :Freelance
    – Comment Time:Aug 13th 2007

    At college I used PCs and at uni I
    used Macs. I personally choose a PC over a Mac, due to being able to use it
    for both work and for entertainment purposes – I’m a sucker for gaming!
    Companies who I’ve worked for, ranging from Sign Writers to Graphic Designs
    have all used PCs, or a combo of both, but most Design jobs now (in the UK)
    require Mac users only. If you prefer Freelance roles, then it’s a matter of
    personal choice and preference – but you must allocate for working with
    Printers, as most of them use Macs and if you use a PC you have to prepare it
    for printing via a Mac. If you actually want to work in a Design or
    Illustration job these days (in the most of the UK) – you have to be able to
    work a Mac when applying for most jobs. PC users often get snubbed on the spot
    as in the eyes of some of the bigger companies ‘only serious and professional
    designers use Macs’. It’s an old tradition that you’ll find often sticks in
    the more established companies!

    I’ve contacted and visited approx
    120-150 designers throughout the UK (freelancers and professional companies)
    and the vast majority of them are now using Macs.

    One day I might
    consider going back to a Mac like my uni days, just for design, but at the
    moment I am still fighting against that thought ^_^

  45. Comment Author:  :mave
    – Comment Time:Sep 7th 2007

    I used to be a total mac snob when
    I first started out as a designer. Everyone I worked with had me convinced
    that “all serious designers use macs”. I never used a pc, but I hated them for
    all the typical boilerplate apple-propaganda reasons – they “get viruses”,
    they “require tedious upgrades, drivers and repairs”, they are “too hard to
    use”, etc etc.

    When it came time for me to buy my first computer, I
    simply couldn’t afford a mac, so I “settled for” a pc. I haven’t looked back
    since. Back when I was still in employee-land, I had a job as an art director
    at this ad agency. They gave me a mac to work on – a “top of the line”
    machine. After 3 months of crashes, crappy file management, usability
    annoyances and a deep, abiding hatred of the mac-based web browsers and email
    software (this was pre-firefox), I told them it was me or the mac. When they
    got me a pc, my productivity and general mental well-being went through the

    I find that people who cut down pcs the most are generally those
    who’ve never used them extensively, and are parroting the misinformation apple
    and its users love to spread around, or else those who were working on crappy,
    outdated systems. Let’s face it, if I were criticizing macs based on system
    8.5, would you mac users really think that was a valid position?

    As a
    power user (and a fierce DIY-er), I love the pc platform, where I have
    complete control over everything about my system – hardware, software, etc
    etc. and the fact that having a pc means I never have to deal with apple. As
    others have already mentioned, if something goes wrong with my computer, I can
    always fix it myself. In all my years as a pc user I’ve never had to send my
    computer in for repairs. I’ve also never had a virus, spyware, etc

    Much like how the advent of CSS meant we as designers could
    separate content from presentation in web design, I would hope that the
    amazing improvements in technology over the years would by now have allowed
    people to clue in to the fact that our tools are separate from the work we do.
    The fact is, beautiful design is done on many different platforms. After all,
    it’s not the tool, but the designer that makes the work.

  46. Comment Author:  :cat
    – Comment Time:Sep 7th 2007

    Posted By: mavegibsonI find that people who cut
    down pcs the most are generally those who’ve never used them extensively,
    and are parroting the misinformation apple and its users love to spread
    around, or else those who were working on crappy, outdated

    Well, I worked on both PC’s and Mac’s and I much
    prefer Mac’s. I’ve been in the design world for over 15 years and my own
    personal computer has always been a mac. There were a few job’s that I have
    held that they were in a PC environment and I had to adjust. And even though I
    worked on PC’s for a few years, coming home to my mac was the best feeling

    To be honest, I hated the font structure on a PC and thought the
    filing system was lame. Plus, my PC used to crash at least once a week (if not
    more). My Mac (running OS X 10.4) has never crashed. Sometimes it runs a
    little slow and gets sluggish, but I just restart. Problem solved.

    use my husband’s PC when I test sites because, after all, I HAVE to test with
    the dreaded (and hated) IE. And, dang it all to hell if IE doesn’t cause a lot
    of breaks! -hence all those pesky IE hacks!

    I agree that there are some
    amazing people who design on a PC out there. But from what I have found (and
    this is only MY experiences!) that the designers who use PC’s are more
    web-techie’s… Flash, Action Script, CSS-whiz, PHP, etc. Me? I’m a graphic
    designer who works in print then started doing web sites in the mid-90’s…
    guess that makes me “old school”.

    Apple is God in my book and
    Microsoft is the Devil. And I am not just saying that because I want to jump
    on some bandwagon flying the Mac flag. I am saying that because I have
    designed on both and to me, there is no comparison. My husband, a die-hard PC,
    Window’s using fiend, has just switched over to the dark side… he bought his
    first mac last month. He loves it so much, he just gave away his PC!

  47. Comment Author:  :tealou
    – Comment Time:Sep 7th 2007

    I think that the generalisations
    about Mac vs PC users are outdated.

    I use The Adobe Creative Suite. I
    use Suitcase for font management. I have a graphics tablet and a pen

    I can work on either Mac or PC, because the software is cross

    It is precisely that attitude of Mac owners that puts me off
    owning a Mac (not to mention that, for the price of a Mac, I can buy 2 top end
    PCs). I find it really condescending, that you are somehow not a “real”
    designer and just a “techie” if you have a PC.

    I separate myself and my
    work from my tools. To me, it is not about Mac vs PC. It all does the same

  48. Comment Author:  :allanbranch
    – Comment Time:Sep 7th 2007

    Working on a mac is elegant, smooth
    clean problemless in my humble opinion
    How do you browser test macs if you
    use a pc?

  49. Comment Author:  :John
    – Comment Time:Sep 7th 2007

    I agree that Mac fanboys can be
    annoying, but speaking as a recent Mac switcher, I would never go back. Having
    to reinstall Windows once a year or more because of a gunked-up system got way
    too annoying for me. My Mac runs like a dream and, more importantly for me,
    there’s a really vibrant developer community–having access to applications
    like BB Edit, Yojimbo, Twitterific, Adium, Camino, and Keynote (Keynote alone,
    a presentation software, makes the switch worth it for me–in my opinion, it
    leaves PowerPoint in the dust)…the list goes on and on. I even like games,
    but I still stay on a Mac anyway. The speed and the user experience are
    unparalleled, in my opinion. I’d recommend Macs to anyone considering a
    switch–though I’d strongly urge you to wait until the release of Leopard,
    just to save $129.

  50. Comment Author:  :cat
    – Comment Time:Sep 7th 2007

    Oh, I’m not saying that PC users
    aren’t “real” designers just because they design on a PC rather than a mac.
    Actually, I have been blown away with what I have seen – interactive Flash
    websites, very comprehensive data driven sites and such – and I know they have
    been designed on a PC. I totally agree with creativity lies with the designer,
    not the tool.

    However, I totally agree with allanbranch, “Working on a
    mac is elegant, smooth clean problemless”. I know a lot of people complain
    about the price of mac’s – and hey, I’m one of them. If they were a little
    cheaper, I would have my new one by now… but I’m still saving my pennies! I
    guess, once you have one, you kind of understand. The quality is so far more
    superior to the quality of PC’s. The interface, the structure, well the list
    goes on.

    Anyway, I guess it’s all in what you are used to and what
    works best for you.