LAMP/MAIL script updates on Mint 17.1


OKAY – forget everything below: use qmailadmin-1.2.16 and vpopmail-5.4.33. I’m not completely sure that I copied the config.sub file and used libtoolize –force – I think these were the qmailadmin commands, however:


Use Qmailadmin 1.2.8 (not 1.2.9) and vpopmail-5.4.33 (not x.30) or vacation messages throw segfaults. Wow – this also fixes the forward and saves a copy problem….!!! UPDATE: Linux is fussy as hell….. I just tried to build a Qmail toaster, following these instructions, and this time Qmailadmin 1.2.8 would not build with vpopmail-5.4.33. But, when I used vpopmail-3.4.32 and Qmailadmin 1.2.8 it worked – and forwards still worked. MORE CRAZINESS: Now, I cannot replicate a working “save a copy & forward” scenario. By the way, creating a forward via Qmiladmin for user “guy” at “” creates a dot-qmail file in guy’s folder (within /vpopmail/domains/undivinerealm/guy) that looks like this:

The error in the logs (qmail-send) looks like this:


In running my scripts I found a number of errors/issues. In no particular order, here are some:

  1. CPAN works differently: I have a lot of old scripts that used a particular syntax to install a lot of perlmods for spamassassin – it was something like this: perl -MCPAN -e “install SomePac::HTML, SomeParser::IO”. Now, it should look like this:
  2. SORBs blocks Gmail – you need to edit your smtpd-run file and remove the reference to SORBs if you want to get email from Gmail.
  3. Qmailadmin images had been a problem, and, I apparently had an incorrect parameter on my compile. You can download the entire, new, Qmailadmin portion of the script here
  4. Qmailadmin, again: for reasons I will never understand, you can now add users through Qmailadmin – as I recall, this had been broken.
  5. I think that the above is wrong – I couldn’t add users through VQadmin. This had been “broken”, for me, for 3 years. As it turns out, I needed the following in my virtual host config file:
  6. Setting up Roundcube was kind of a pain – download a working example

Update: Qmailadmin

Qmailadmin kept failing to build. Finally, I tried to build it from the desktop, skipping copying a config.sub file and not using libtoolize –force. I also noticed that there was an extra “l” on the –enable-user=vopmaill. I changed that. It worked. Also, you can save a forward by adding a forward, separated by a comma, to a local account. Also, you may need to insall automake 1.1 using synaptic.