Blood screening for Various Cancers

DR-70 is a simple blood test that screens for 13 different cancers at the same time. It is highly specific and catches cancer long before you would suspect anything was amiss. It runs about $100. Cancers that can be detected by the test are of the lung, colon, breast, stomach, liver, rectum, ovary, cervix, esophagus, thyroid, and pancreas, and trophoblast and malignant lymphoma. AMDL has also received clearance from the FDA to market the PyloriProbe™ test, which can detect the presence of Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach, the primary cause of ulcers and a potential cause of stomach cancer. For more info on the test, contact AMDL Inc., in Tustin, California by calling 714-505-4460, or email them at:, or go to their website at We are attempting to get information on the accuracy of this test.