Keep Kaspersky Rescue Disc Definitions up to date

First: Download the files from this site


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The Kaspersky Rescue Disc 10 is a very useful scanning tool which lets you preform virus / malware /rootkit scans from outside of windows. The one drawback is it takes FOREVER to update, once booted. Sometimes you can re-download the entire ISO file and update your usb key, but even then that might get you definitions that are a few days old.

In this guide I am going to tell you how to keep your Kaspersky Rescue Disc Definitions as up to date as possible, so when you need to use it, it?s as current as it?s going to get.

Before we get started lets create a USB key with the Kaspersky Rescue disc on it. This is by far the easiest media to keep up to date once we get to the end of our guide.

So first download the Kaspersky Rescue Disc ISO, once you create the USB key, hold onto the ISO we need it later.


Next download the Kaspersky USB creator which can be found here.

It?s pretty self-explanatory so I?m not going to go into detail on how to use the USB tool.

Once finished let?s get started with the guide.

First let?s start by downloading the ?Kaspersky Rescue Disk Updater?…/zipball/master

Once downloaded, extract the files to a directory of your choice.

Now take the ISO you downloaded earlier and rename it to rescue.iso (make sure when you are done you don?t have rescue.iso.iso)

Put the ISO file inside the bbalegere-Kaspersky-Rescue-Disk-Updater-02648c8 folder (this directory will be located inside the directory you just extracted the files to)

Inside that same folder you will see a diskupdt.bat. You do not need to run that as admin, doing so seems to cause issues.

When its all done you should now have 2 ISO files in that directory.


Open the USB key you created at the very beginning and browse to the ?rescue? folder. Inside there you will see those exact same 2 iso files. Now simply copy and paste them from your update folder to the rescue folder on the USB key.

That?s it! Kaspersky USB now has the latest updates

Personally I would edit the bat file and remove the word pause at the very end. Then I would set the bat file up as a task that runs every night. This way when it runs every night it won’t stop at the very end and wait for you to press any key, it will just exit. Now whenever I need to use the Rescue disc I just copy those 2 files over and have the latest updates.