Making bootable HIRENS utilities on SD cards

Trying to make a bootable Hirens SD card, recently proved to be a pain in the neck. But I finally found a program that works with virtually all of the Hirens versions I tested (version 9.x through 15.x). I had tried a bunch of methods and software, include a program called WinSetupFromUSB. WinSetupFromUSB had worked well, for me, with Windows operating systems and to create an Acronis, bootable, recovery SD card. But, at first, I got nowhere with WinSetupFromUSB (as I’ve said, nor with any other software). About to give up, I decided to revisit WinSetupFromUSB. It has a lot of options which, frankly, I don’t completely understand. After some tinkering – boom – I found some settings which worked flawlessly.

Making an image of your SD card

There are tons of high-end and low-end pieces of software that will help you image a drive. Again, this was a case where absolutely nothing worked except a program called Win32DiskImager-0.9.5. It’s a simple program that makes a sector by sector copy – in other words, if your card is 8 gig, your image will be 8 gig.

NOTE: This thing is simple, and, buggy to a minor extent. To make an image file of your SD card (thumb drive – whatever) choose the “Read” function. This will create an image file which should have the .img extension. However I’ve used it a couple of times and it created a perfectly good file, but, the written file was missing the “.img” suffix. You can simply append this to the file. ¬†Also, on XP the written files were saved to the users “Downloads” folder (a sub-directory of My Documents). On newer operating systems, they might be saved elsewhere. I have no idea and there is no documentation, that I have found, for this program……

AND: this thing makes a byte-by-byte copy 9as already noted) which is large – the same size as your drive…..and it’s slow. But, it is quite reliable. It’s fine for an SD card or a small thumb drive…..that’s about it.