Windows 8.1 Fonts, add-on, etc.

Adding Fonts

Okay – I buggered my fonts trying to install some new fonts. I don’t know how it happened. But, this is what worked: Copy new fonts to a folder at C:\Fonts. In that folder, simply choose “select all”, then “install”. Here’a s a link to download some fonts, some of which are pretty bad. I need to edit this archive.

Mounting Prohibited due to Hibernate Mode

Trying to fix my fonts, I tried to mount Windows 8.1 using a live, Linux Mint SD card. I got a couple of errors – the first was fixed with the following:

Then, I got another error. It seems that Windows 8.1 shuts down, in hibernate mode, by default.

Add gadgets

This is pretty self-explanatory – a program to add gadgets to the Windows 8 desktop. Download, here.
And here are some additional gadgets (some of which are quite old).