Blue Light associated with UFOs

Audio Clip from Coast to Coast AM


Snippet of Abduction documentary

One comment to “Blue Light associated with UFOs”
  1. Wow… Two polar opposite sets of experiences. I couldn’t recall if the blue light referred to one kind of experience or to both kinds. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that they are friendly, although maybe not all of them. I read in the book about Roswell that our frightened soldiers shot one of the surviving ET’s who was trying to climb an embankment where the craft had crash-landed. Shoot first, ask questions later. The author said our military was on high alert because of sightings in New Mexico around a couple of bases as well as at Alamogordo, where we did atomic bomb testing. He said he believes the gov’t cover up is due to concern about panic, especially after the Orson Wells broadcast in 1938. I believe some people committed suicide when they believed the hoax.

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