Blue Light associated with UFOs

Audio Clip from Coast to Coast AM

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Snippet of Abduction documentary

Portion of another report I found online

“I remember going outside and looking up at the sky. I saw the orbs, at least a dozen, which is far more than I’ve ever seen before. They always flash random colors, and sometimes if you shine a bright light at them, their color pattern will change. Usually it’s red, green, white, blue. This time though, they were darting like crazy around the sky and my boyfriend freaked out.”

The witness stepped outside and was engulfed in a beam of blue light. Pictured: Orange Beach, AL. (Credit: Google)
The witness stepped outside and was engulfed in a beam of blue light. Pictured: Orange Beach, AL.

The boyfriend wanted to leave, but their vehicle was not working.

“So I just stood there and stared up at the sky. The next thing I know, there’s a blue beam of light and I’m paralyzed. After that, I remember being on a table with these creatures looking at my leg. I had been in a terrible car accident a few months prior, and I was told I would probably never walk right again. But these creatures; they did something and told me my leg would be fine.”

The witness wanted to believe it was all a dream.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting

The following in an excerpt from a piece about the Rendelshcam Forest incident, the complete article being locate at

Although Gordon Williams denies being there, and although Halt supports that story, Larry Warren asserts (under hypnosis) that the officer closest to the entities was Williams. And what kind of coward would Williams be if he were present and didn’t step up as senior officer in such an event? Bustinza, however, was quite adamant that it was Halt who communicated something to the aliens. The odd thing is that Bustinza claimed [p. 146] that he could not see the entities. He heard Halt say something about “We’ll get you the parts from our electronic division.” Warren saw the entities but heard no words. Many years later Bustinza would tell Linda Moulton Howe that as he and Burroughs ran up to the field, he felt pushed to the ground by some force, but he turned his head to see John Burroughs be engulfed in a blue light, then disappear.

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  1. Wow… Two polar opposite sets of experiences. I couldn’t recall if the blue light referred to one kind of experience or to both kinds. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that they are friendly, although maybe not all of them. I read in the book about Roswell that our frightened soldiers shot one of the surviving ET’s who was trying to climb an embankment where the craft had crash-landed. Shoot first, ask questions later. The author said our military was on high alert because of sightings in New Mexico around a couple of bases as well as at Alamogordo, where we did atomic bomb testing. He said he believes the gov’t cover up is due to concern about panic, especially after the Orson Wells broadcast in 1938. I believe some people committed suicide when they believed the hoax.

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