Making fairly good 16×9 Videos in Sony Vegas Pro 10

Example Output

I’ve had a lot of trouble rendering decent quality videos to a 16×9 ratio (for YouTube) in Sony Vegas Pro 10. Here is everything I did to achieve reasonable results.


I have a suspicion that the difficulties I encountered last night might – might – have been caused by importing 2 .avi files and stringing them together with one .mp4 file. Anyway,
the following was what I had posted a few months ago, and, it did not work last night – I spent 6 hours trying to output an .avi file to 16×9!:

  1. With my webcam I recorded a video with a 16×9 ratio.
  2. Since I’d used Linux, I had to convert an .mkv file to .avi format.
  3. I chose to use the Xvid format for a small file.
  4. I then used Xillisoft Ultimate Video Converter to convert the .avi file to an mp4 – as I recall, I used the General Video menu (not an mp4 encoded for YouTube, etc.)
  5. I imported the .mp4 to Sony Vegas and used the options described in the following three graphics (NOTE: I then imported to Camtasia 7 and chose the HD output with default aspect ratio):



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