Carpool alien abduction

WEBMASTER’S NOTE: This was originally submitted to MUFON, and, was written by a co-worker of mine named Felicia. It was unsigned, on MUFON, but clearly written by my former co-worker. She told my wife, three days after this happened, that she thought her and the driver of the vehicle had been “abducted by aliens” and that she thought the aliens had “made her pregnant”.

Sighting Details

in february/ march 1994, myself and fellow co-worker carpool together to work in brighton michigan. the week that this incident happened it was her time to drive. so usually when the other would drive we would take a nap. so that was what i was doing when i wake up to a whirling noise sounding like womb, womb, womb and the full size van with camper on top was spinning around and around. but it seem as though we were still and it was spinning around was. i also notice that there was a bright white cloud surrounding us. it was bright like a light. i also observed my co-worker was acting like she was in a trans of some kind looking straight forward and when she would turn the steering wheel from left to right the van would move side to side as though no ground underneath. then i black out, next thing i remember is coming down from the sky in an incline at top speed, very fast toward on going traffic. then all of a sudden we stop. neither one of us moved out seats, we were still. so i look back to see if we could bag up and go the way we were going or go back to the last exit and turn around and head to work. but when i looked back it was as though we were in a huge football field lite up with very bright colors. reds, yellows, green, and orange. keep in mind this happen around 4 am and it is pitch dark at this time in the winter. so we decided to go to the last exit we had just past and turn around and head to work since we were not harmed. so we did during this time there was a lot of traffic, no one stop to help or the incident didnt stop traffic at all it was as though no one saw us. well when we get to our job we were 1 hour late. we left in plenty time for work so we should have been late but what bothered me the most is how some co-workers that follow the same highway saw the craft. several eye witnesses said it was massive. i put 2 and 2 together and realize that we were in it. and the strangest thing of this whole incident is that i became pregnant with my oldest son who is now 17 years old.


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