Note to self: don’t buy a used hard drive on Ebay

So, I bought a 500 gig used hard drive on Ebay. The first one I received (from an outfit with a 100% positive feedback rating and lots of sales – on Ebay since 2000) had – according to HardDiskSentinel – over 5000 weak sectors and a projected future life of 14 days! It could not be formatted to NTFS, but worked without significant problems when formatted to the ext3 file system (Unix/Linux). On the other hand, with a Linux driver installed on XP I was still unable to write to the drive from my XP partition – which I can do with a box full of other drives which I have laying around. And many of those drive are very old.

So, I messaged the guy about the drive and he sent me another drive. This time, according to HardDiskSentinel, the drive only had 16 weak sectors. Okay – for an older, used drive that’s completely reasonable. But, with the drive partitioned my installation of Linux Mint becomes corrupted virtually once a day. it becomes unusable and I am forced to mount the drive from a Linux lived disc (on a thumb drive), and run ‘e2fsck -y /dev/sda2″. This is part of the output from one of those adventures”

Now…..I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing but something is very wrong……. It does this, as I said, all the time. I paid $18.95 for the first drive. The seller refunded all of my money and told me to keep the thing – and also said he’d send me a replacement. He was a very nice guy, and, that was good customer service. I actually sent him 9 bucks, again, to cover the shipping – just to feel as though I wasn’t shafting the guy.

The bottom line: Today I bought a brand new 1`terabyte drive, on Ebay, for $39.99 (with free shipping). This, obviously, is the way to go. Do not horse around with used drives on Ebay – it’s no bargain. Same goes for re-manufactured drives (which are even a worse bet – been there, done that!).

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