Circumventing upstart weirdness to start Apache with rc.local

This, by the way, is an installation of Apache built from source – but that is irrelevant, really.

So – for reasons I do not understand – I absolutely cannot make Apaches start with upstart on a recent installation of Mint 17 – I’ve installed this 100 times and I’ve never had any sort of issue with this……no idea what’s going on. This has never failed to work before, been buggy in any way, etc. I’ve deleted the upstart job, disabled and enabled the upstart job, etc. So – who knows, eh? I eventually did the following, which worked to start Apache when the computer boots – the path to the apachectl file may vary depending upon your installation:

Then, from I terminal I ran:

Then, I added the path to the apachectl file in the following way (there are some edits, here, which I’d previously made for /sbin/poweroff etc. – the issue here is adding the path to the apachectl file):

Then I added the following to the bottom of /etc/rc.local:

And this works…….that’s it.

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