Installing Cumulus on Mint 17 – two methods, versions.

Cumulus installation on Mint 17.2

So, you can install the Cumulus weather app on Linux (in this case, Mint 17.2 64-bit) in one of two ways. You can add lines, like the following, to your /etc/apt/sources.list file…

…and simply do:


You can use an offline installer, and the result are a bit different. The offline installer includes a GUI for management of the app which as a bit more robust – in particular, it offers options to change to colors of the background and font using specific hexadecimal input. Too, if you’ve dragged the weather applet to a position on your screen, it re-appears in the same spot when the computer is restarted (it appears in the middle of the screen, using the apt-get install method). Also, the appearance of the app is very slight different. Here’s a video of me using the offline installer – I don’t know why there are some significant differences when using these different methods:


Download the offline installer (and an online installer)

On the page where I downloaded the offline installer, there was also an “online installer” – it’s included in this .zip file but (1) I’ver never run it, and, (2) I don’t know what the hell it it is – Download the Offline/Online Installer.

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