Fix dwtrig20.exe issue with Office 2010

Office 2010 cannot find dwtrig20.exe – the fix

Okay – I attempted to install a “borrowed” copy of Office 2010 and kept getting installation failures.   The problem was that the installer could not find a file called “dwtrig20.dll”.  I surfed the web and found the following – it didn’t work, by itself, but it set me on the right path:

More to do: replace multiple instances of ose.exe

Depending upon what you’ve downloaded (there are multiple versions) you may, in fact, have many instances of the file ose.exe in various directories. In my case I found this this file was present in every folder that had “WW” in it’s name. I replaced all of them, and it worked…. Simply make certain that you’ve replaced all of the instances of the original file with this new file (I’d check every folder).

Download the needed files

NOTE: The original files are archived in this zip file, along with the replacement files, for no particular reason.

Download the files


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