James Files Interview

UPDATE: As the intro in this video says, this interview used to exist on YouTube but was removed. However, there’s nothing sinister about the disappearance of the video from YouTube. It turns out that the gentleman who own the rights to the media – Wim Dankbaar – spends most of his time chasing around after people who he feels have violated his copyright and who have, thereby, negatively impacted his net worth by a few cents….. The guy has made a fortune researching the Kennedy assassination and procuring the right to various videos – most notably, videos featuring James Files and Chauncey Holt. I’ve bought all of the videos being hawked by Dankbaar, and, in my view they are extremely informative and worth the small price. On the other hand, the guy seems like a mercenary asshole (in the extreme). You can visit his site, here, and buy his videos. The “video” below is actually the audio from a YouTube upload (that’s now gone) accompanied by a brief introduction and a photo of Files. For Christ’s sake, hit Dankbaar’s website and buy all of his videos (as I did) so he can die a multi-millionaire. And, as much as Dankbaar appears to an asshole, the videos are all very interesting – definitely worth the money.

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  1. Thanks for posting The James Files interview and you are absolutely telling the truth about Wim Dankbaar.I have scene many versions while they lasted on youtube but I have searched for Chauncey Holt and could never find it. Have you posted it any where and did you have any issue buying the videos because I have never used PayPal and don’t want have what happened to me with fraud and have to get new bank accounts and deal with the same scammer’s calling me everyday again.

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