WAMP server add-ons

About WAMP – a little clarification

The term “WAMP server” generally refers to a group of programs (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) which are bundled together into a single, executable binary file by a particular group of developers. You can use this approach, to set up a server on Windows. It’s free, and, it works just fine. Actually, there are two development groups who are well known for developing these all-in-one installations. This is the WAMP group’s home page. XAMPP is a similar project but the installation includes Perl. Their homepage is located here. Anyway, when you hear some refer to a “WAMP server” they are usually referring to a Windows web development environment which was installed using a single binary file (from one of the aforementioned groups).

Being a creature of habit I prefer to install individual packages, myself. In other words, I install everything separately (including Perl). The end result, regardless, is very similar.

MySQL GUI Tools and more

This .zip file is actually a bit of a mess and contains a couple of things which I often misplace, and, which are not really related to MySQL. What the heck, eh…??? Most of these things are free tools for working with MySQL from a graphical, desktop environment. AlwaysUp is not a free tool, but, something I use to keep spamd.exe running at all times. And it’s one of those things which has nothing to do with MySQL.

Download MySQL Tools and More

  • MySQL GUI Tools 5.0
  • MySQL GUI Tools Desktop Shortcuts
  • MySQL Workbench
  • MySQL_Front (pretty darned old – but, hey, it works!)
  • MySQL Workbench (New – Windows 7 required)
  • System Scheduler
  • AlwaysUp
  • SplitFile.zip (splits large CSV files into smaller pieces)
  • SQLDumpSplitter.zip (split large .sql files into smaller pieces)
Apache on XP, MS Servers

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