Giving up on Ipswitch iMail – trying hMail

For the last six months or so I have been running a server from – of all things – Windows XP. I was using a bootlegged copy of Ipswitch mail (version 8.22) for my mail, but, it invariably would stop sending mail due to something called a “Stack Connect Error”. Sometimes it would run fine, for a month, before this would start happening – but, before too long, the “stack connect error” always reared it’s ugly head. I read the IpSwitch documents which purport to explain the cause, and, fix for this problem but once it started happening I could never get the mail working again. I finally did a search for an alternative and found hMail. So far, it’s been working great. I will probably add some of my own notes to this page, eventually. The video, below (for YouTube) helped me get started.


Random Notes

I need to make a few notes regarding running hMail. I’ve got it running with ClamWin and Spamassassin. A couple of very quick things to remember: I had to edit the file for spamassassin or it rejected ALL mail coming from AOL. I found some web pages describing this problem, but, no real answers – the only thing I could think of to do was to white list AOL in the file. The obvious problem with that – although it’s pretty inconsequential – is that everything gets in from AOL, including SPAM. Thus far I’ve gotten no SPAM sent from AOL, so it really isn’t a problem. I placed my spamassassin folder at C:\Program Files\spamassassin\. The file is at C:\Program Files\spamassassin\etc\spamassassin I added the following line, and mail started working when sent from AOL:

By the way, I am using a program called AlwaysUp to run spamd.exe. It doesn’t matter how it’s done, but the spamd daemon needs to be running when the server boots up.

Mail stopped sending – whitelisting local domains

I can’t recall what the logs said but, at one point, the SMTP server stopped sending mail. I had to whitelist my local domains in hMail – there’s a graphic further down this page which illustrates how this was done.

Random Downloads

I need to get organized…..someday. Here’s a page with some helpful files (mostly for managing MySQL) which are vaguely related to running hMail – mostly running a WAMP server:
Other stuff:
MySQL Gui Tools
hMail and Related Files

Random Pics

Some screenshots I’ve taken while trying to get this thing configured – in no particular order:

Apache on XP, MS Servers

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